Just Do One Thing

So this week is start small week, so I want to help you start with the absolute smallest thing you can: Doing One Thing.

We all have a list of maybe ten or so things that we’ve been meaning to do for months, that keep getting pushed back because they’re not necessarily a priority. But those things weigh on your brain. I’ll talk more about stress during “stress week” next month, but basically every thing that you need to do adds a little bit more stress to your life. Normally, we prioritize the big stress issues, because we (rightfully) want to get rid of the big stress. But also, big stress issues tend to take a lot of time to clear up.

So. Don’t stop making progress on your big stress issues. But make your life a little easier by just taking care of one little stress issue. Maybe it’s making a vet appointment. Maybe it’s finally calling that friend to schedule your lunch date. Maybe it’s getting your oil changed. Maybe it’s washing your dirty dishes. But whatever it is, be kind to yourself and take care of that one thing today. Right now! You can do it!!

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