The One Thing You Need to Know to Feel Like You’re Getting Shit Done

Hey everyone!

Today we’re going to be talking about the difference between Habits and Projects.

I want you to start by making a list of your goals. (Seriously – go do this!)

Now I want you to take your list and divide it into two types of goals – those that are habits and those that are projects.

Habits are goals that you need to make time for every day or every week. Great examples of habit goals are cleaning the house, exercising, flossing, eating healthy.

Projects are goals that you can accomplish by doing something one time. This could be deep cleaning the kitchen, sorting through clothing, signing up for a gym membership, writing a blog post.

Be wary of sneaky goals that pretend they are one thing but they’re not. If you want to run a marathon, yes that’s a one time project, but to get there, it will involve a habit of running quite a few times a week.

So here’s the thing. When you’re trying to plan your day or your week, you have to include a combination of habits and projects. If you only include habits, you’ll make a lot of progress, but it won’t feel satisfying, because you’re never crossing anything off as “accomplished.” If you only include projects, you’ll be super productive and motivated, but you’ll realize after you’ve accomplished everything, your life feels absolutely no different.

I’ll talk a little bit more in depth about how to fit habits and projects in to your week in a different post, but I’ll give you a couple tips now.

  1. Create one set time a week to on projects, and tackle them one at a time.
  2. You need to make space for everything that’s on your habit list. (If you have too many goals on your habit list, check out my post on how to figure out what goals really matter to you!)

Thanks so much guys! Hope this helps you out!

Let me know in the comment section if you have any questions, and share what some of your goals are!

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