Turn Your Dream into Your Goal

Dreams and goals are pretty similar, but there’s one big difference. A goal is something you are actively working towards, while a dream is just there sitting in your head waiting for the right time.

It is totally fine for you dream to stay a dream! We all have things that we like to fantasize about, and if you’re not interested in making that a reality, I get it, and it’s not a problem. My personal example of this is that my dream job is to be a writer for Saturday Night Live. I have never written a sketch, I have no background in comedy, and I’m really pretty happy leaving it that way. But that doesn’t mean I won’t dream about it for fun.

But, we also all have dreams that we wish were a reality. Maybe you have a dream to become a yoga teacher, even though you are super out of shape. Or a dream to quit your job and become a graphic designer, even though you don’t actually have a lot of graphic design experience. Or a dream to own an animal rescue farm, even though you don’t have a farm. These are the dreams we can do something about.

So to make a dream a goal, all you have to do is create some steps on how to get there, and start doing them. That’s it. We can feel so overwhelmed and worked up about things in our head, but it really is that easy.

Let’s say you want to be a yoga teacher. Here’s one way you can break it down:

  1. Identify yoga studios in your area that offer teacher certification.
  2. Take classes at each of those studios to see what program/vibe you like better.
  3. Talk to teachers at those studios to see who went through the program and what their thoughts are.
  4. Save money (or take out a loan) for yoga training program – many are broken into sections, so you can complete one level at a time.
  5. Get your training certification and get teaching!
  6. This whole time, continue to develop your yoga foundation, even if it’s just through youtube.

There may be some moments where you hit hiccups, but there’s nothing stopping you from taking steps 1 and 6 literally today. And your dream is now an achievable goal that you are working towards!

What’s a dream that you want to transform into a goal? What steps are you going to take?

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