How Fear is Sneaky

Once fear gets in your head, it nestles in there and makes itself comfortable. But instead of feeling actively afraid and jittery, fear fuels that little voice in the back of your head that tells you you’re not good enough. Most of the time, we don’t listen to what that voice is saying, we can’t address it. If you’ve been blocking the voice out, here are some ways to see that maybe fear is affecting your life and holding you back.

  1. When presented with a new idea or opportunity, you always imagine the worst case scenario.
  2. You’ve given up on what you once hoped for and have resigned yourself to settling for something good enough.
  3. You are a full blown perfectionist and stress yourself like crazy to make sure everything is perfect.
  4. You have great ideas, but never follow through on them.
  5. You consistently make excuses.
  6. You seek out positions of power in order to have more control in your life.
  7. You’ve isolated yourself from friends and coworkers.

Do any of those sound like you? It probably stems from fear.

I know I am historically VERY guilty of number 4 – the number of things I’ve started or pursued or researched to drop it as soon as it got “too real” is crazy high. But it’s always stemmed from a fear of failure and a fear of letting other people down or a fear of not living up to other people’s (imaginary and totally in my head) expectations of me.

So take some time to check in with yourself today. Is fear stopping you too?


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